What do you mean by "all things land"?

We provide a range of service to the energy sector (oil, gas, wind, solar, surface mining) including title examination, due diligence, contract preparation and negotiation, owner relations, mapping and GIS, division of interest and record maintenance. Our primarily role is to provide our clients with the best Risk Assessment so they can make their most educated decisions.

Who are your clientele?

E&P companies, operators, investors, law firms, family office, private equity, banks. We provide services to augment bankruptcy trusteesment your existing staff, as well as project-specific services.

What makes your company different?

We strive to provide a range of service not historically found in one entity; from Risk Assessment to integration with 3rd party accounting firms. We have the experience and expertise to provide our clients with a fully integrated assessment inclusive of the juxtaposition of lease compliance, regulatory compliance, environmental compliance, market and right of way. We Strive to understand your business model and how to best serve your needs.