Junior Sport

Hautapu Sports Junior Sport

Hautapu Sports is excited to be offering junior sports for the 2021 winter season. We will be offering rugby, hockey and netball.

We will require parent/caregivers to assist in coaching, managing, refereeing/umpiring and helping with our teams.


Hautapu Sports will provide all the required equipment and resources to our teams.  Where available coaching courses will be offered from the respective sports, this will for the most part be at no cost to the coach.


Players will where feasible, be placed in “school groups” teams.  We have the use of sports uniforms from the primary schools for this year and are working toward Hautapu Sports uniforms in the coming seasons.


Team training times will be at the discretion of each team coach. Training venues will predominantly be at Cambridge schools. 


As a club, we subscribe to the Sport NZ Balance is Better philosophy and firmly believe that for juniors the important factors in enjoying and sticking to sport is that they have fun and get to play with their mates. We believe in providing sport in a safe and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. 

Further details specific to each sport can be found below.

HOCKEY Years 3-8

Year 3-6 teams will be registered into the Cambridge Mini Hockey programme. The games are played at the St Peters School hockey turf on Friday afternoons and evenings, starting at 4 pm.

The 2021 season starts on Friday, May 14th, (term 2, week 2). There are 2 grades, years ¾ and year ⅚. The cost per player is $65 for the season. All players must have shinpads and a mouthguard. 

Year 7 & 8 teams will be registered into the Waikato Hockey competition. These games are played at a variety of locations in the Waikato including, Gallagher Hockey at Innes Common, Schick Community Hockey Centre at HBHS, St Peter’s Cambridge, St Pauls Collegiate, Fraser High School, Waikato Diocesan School, and Matamata College. The 2021 season will start on Friday, May 14th, (term 2, week 2). The cost per player is TBC.  All players must have shinpads and a mouthguard.



NETBALL  Years 0-8

Years 0-6 teams will be entered into the Future Ferns Netball Programme at Cambridge Netball Centre and play at Cambridge Netball Centre Courts, Scott St, Leamington.

Years 0, 1 and 2 will be in teams of approx. 6 players and will play on Wednesdays afternoons throughout term 2 starting on May 5th (Term 1, week 1) until July 7th.

Year 3 & 4 will be in teams of 7 or 8 and will play on Saturdays starting on May 8th (Term 1, week 1) until August 28th.

Years 5 & 6 will be in teams of 8 or 9 and will play on Saturdays at the Cambridge Netball Centre starting on May 8th (Term 1, week 1) until September 4th.

Years 7 & 8 will be in teams of 9 or 10, playing on Saturdays at the Cambridge Netball centre starting on May 8th (term 1, week 1) until September 11th. 

There will be an option for teams to enter an inter centre league to be run on Mondays for five weeks in term 3. Further details on this will be shared when we have them to hand. 


RUGBY  Years 0-6


  • All players will need boots and a mouthguard. 

  • The cost for each rugby player will be $60 for the 2021 season.

  • Primary rugby will be played at Memorial Park, Taylor St, Cambridge, with Rippa Rugby on Friday evenings and years 3-6 rugby on Saturday mornings. Players will be placed in grades as per their age.

Year 0-2 players will play Rippa Rugby, season starts May 14th.

Year 3 will play first-year tackle rugby, a tackle clinic will be held on Saturday, May 8th venue and time TBC. Teams that take part in this clinic will be able to play tackle from Saturday, May 15th, teams that do not take part will play between 2 and 4 games of Rippa rugby before moving to tackle rugby.

Years 4 -6 will be tackle rugby with their season starting on Saturday, May 15th.

If you have questions or would like further information please email: hautapujuniors@gmail.com